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what language can do.
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what language can do.  Reply with quote  

something a friend of mine wrote. it's so true. just goes to show how the importance of knowledge is almost dead.:

so many things in this world has become so cliche that we tend to forget its basic purpose, intention, or meaning. because language is such a natural, consistent part of our mundane, daily rituals we tend to oversee its importance. we throw phrases like "communication is the basis of a healthy relationship" so many times i wouldn`t be suprised if sooner or later a mega conglomerate will catch on and copyright those very words in the exact same order. don`t believe me? ask nike. they "just did it". it suprises me how many people in the world have no inclination of who langston hughes is. or has heard of hemmingway but has never read the power of his prose. the ability to read and write has become such a homework that most kats don`t pick up a pen or read some lines outside of school. i just finished reading this dope book by jimmy santiago bacca called "a place to stand". this dude has been through everything. abandoned by his parents, grew up in a foster home, spent five years in a maximum security prison and was the saddest, and felt like the most alone man in the world. he went to prison in his early twenties illiterate. couldn`t read dr. seuss to save his life. but through the powers of words he saw the magic and depth inbetween the lines that formed the alphabets. it became his salvation. now he writes some of the nicest poems on the planet. bar none, the man is just straight up dope. his experiences evokes such a familiarity to me. its because of art (words, visual, music, dance) that i`ve learned to love people, and just love deeper. taught me to be more honest and widened my peripheral so much that it overwhelms me at some point about how much i still don`t know. but its because of words that i continue to know knowing that i can go as far as the infinite possibilities of language will take me.

something else written .... you cant fake soul.:

"yo fukk a headwrap/
i might just blast your self righteous a$$/
lookin at me like i`m superficial/
i`m vexed and i just hate it/
but all your poems `bout fukkin/
you`re all sexually frustrated/
i`m the pilate like pontius/
you can tell its intense/
you aint really conscious/
you just smell like incense"
jaq- the b-boy song

i fukkin lovethatverse. there`s a lot of fake, corny herbals who suddenly thinks their all soulfull and sh!t cause they have lauryn hill`s cd inside their crocheted bag that matches their old denim jacket they got at kensington market. yeah i rock headwraps, but it has a meaning for me. if the reason you rock headwraps is cause it makes you look afrocentric, fukk off. the act of wearing a headwrap is deeply spiritual thing. would you cats feel aight if i rock upside down crosses, buddhas and ate pork inside your mosque? you still can`t fake soul kid. like my man jaq said on the same song "life`s about a movement not an image". keep, keep, movin` on.

check him out:
Post Fri Jul 12, 2002 10:23 am
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Diffrent strokes for diffrent folks, not everyone is going to read and write obviously. I write cause I really just can't shut up, but I know some really great people who abhor both to the point that they aren't huge fans of subtitled movies, just cause it involves reading; while I feel sorry for people who are like that, to a lot of people there are more important things to deal with.

I kind of ran my point in two directions at once here, but I personally agree that words are powerful and a lot of cats don't know. I know some people who would have all these things they were dealing with, and never considered trying to write it out, but once I got them to do it, all they do is write and write. The power of communicating your thoughts is a nice feeling for the communicator, sometimes just to get it out there.
Post Fri Jul 12, 2002 1:05 pm
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