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Uh, I dunno why I posted this in the European Tour thread, so I'll just paste it here cause it seems more appropriate:


In this week's Polish edition of Newsweek there's a really positive article about Sage and his latest album. This is the first time I've seen Sage featured in such a major magazine over here (he was featured in hiphop press here years ago, though). My buddy texted me about it today so I went and got it just to read this thing.

Sorry for the shittyness of this, but I couldn't scan it so I just took a photo of it (yeah, I know there's this bigass date on the photo cause I forgot to turn that thing off) and anybody interested can see it HERE.

Since nobody will be able to read that thing I can just summarize it for y'all. It's really positive, although it kinda plays up the "white rapper" angle a bit (it's Newsweek...). The guy mostly seems to have good info on Sage and it seems he did his homework.. Though there was some info there that I'm not so sure about. It also has some Chuck D quotes about Sage and it mentions that "both Eminem and Sage Francis released their new albums recently. Critics have no doubts about which album is better."
It praises the new album a lot (but also gives props to Sage's older stuff).

The article is very positive and will no doubt get Sage some more attention over here (he already does have a fanbase here, though).
Now come on, Sage, play a show in Poland. It's like you're playing every European country except Poland on this tour, ya bastid. And bring Dolan with you.

*(sorry if this post was terribly written. It's been a long day and I'm slippin)
Post Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:23 pm
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Can't believe I slept on this for so long. Picked it up over the weekend. Great album. Listened to it about 3 times through now, definitely feeling it. It's giving Personal Journals and run for it's money as my favorite. Excellent work Sage.
Post Mon Jul 26, 2010 10:13 am
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