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Educated Consumers call it a day. Thanks for all the music.
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Educated Consumers call it a day. Thanks for all the music.  Reply with quote  

Educated Consumers is a Maryland-based duo consisting Seez Mics on vocals and Jay Bombbeat on the beats. If youíve had your ear to the underground hip-hop scene for the past decade, then youíve most likely heard their music. If you havenít heard their music, then youíve heard their name or youíve seen the battles. However, if youíre just a casual fan of independent hip-hop, itís possible their work has flown completely under your radar. As they like to put it, they are ďthe most slept on crew in indie-rap.Ē Iím not sure if thatís entirely true, but itís true enough for them to decide that 10 years of trying to grind out a career with little to show for it is about all they can spare.

When I first learned of their break-up, I called up Seez Mics to see if everything was OK. Itís always off putting to hear news like this because you never know whether it means all the artists involved are hanging up their hats for good or not. It was good to hear Seez explain that itís an amicable split and they both intend on pursuing music as solo artists or with other side-projects. Still, after being together for so long, through the highs and lows of our fickle sub-culture, and managing to release 5 full-length LPís independently, youíd like to think that such a talented duo could have more to show for it. Itís an unfortunate story we should expect to hear many times over before this decade is through.

The Strange Famous crew has always considered E.C. as family. We appreciate their contributions to music and we hope that you do as well. If you havenít heard their music or had a chance to support it, now is the last chance for you to get their CDís which we have available here:

Once those CDís are gone, theyíre gone for good. We wonít be re-stocking this material and they wonít be pressing any more of it. Hereís to hoping that these guys continue making great music on their own and pushing the envelope in whatever capacity they choose to do so. Salute!

To keep up with the post-EC adventures of Seez and Jay, visit them at the Educated Consumers website here and theyíll keep you updated. The next project we expect to surface from Seez Mics will be a new ďBroken ClockĒ album. Stay tuned for more info that.
Post Thu Feb 21, 2013 1:28 pm
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This is sad news. I've been a fan since the first album. I have all their albums. Cole and Jason are good people and make incredibly great music. I'm glad Seez is continuing with the Broken Clock series and more music, and hope to hear more from Jay, even if not with Cole(Seez).
Post Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:48 pm
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weird i was just bumpin hello big mama
Post Thu Feb 21, 2013 10:13 pm
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Personal fav. songs by them gotta be "Nothing Without" and "Faceless". Great group all around. Heavily underrated.
Post Fri Feb 22, 2013 12:44 am
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