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Top Conspiracy Theories
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firefly wrote:
Bicycle wrote:
Is this an appropriate place to discuss Jared Loughner MK Ultra connections?

I'd say that this is THE place to talk about that! heh.

I always think about the posibility of MK ultra being involved with such senseless and possible political changing murders such as this. Then when I saw on his youtube video how he talks about sleepwalking and how his favorite thing is conscious dreaming, it made me think of what's called "sleeper agents".

But with all conspiracies revolving around MK Ultra, it's pretty hard to find concrete evidence supporting such theories. So I like to focus on what we know for a FACT and that is the media's handling of this story and their focus.

I feel that the media's coverage is completely over exagerating the severity of the incident. Would members of the media be as upset if it didn't involve a congress woman? I really doubt it. So this brings up the question, is it more of a tragedy? Is a congress woman's life more valuable then a regular citizen? If people answer yes to this question then they are severely brainwashed.

Now people are saying that conspiracy theorists are dangerous, demonizing "left wingers" and even pot heads. It's another example of the criminalization of certain ideas and thoughts. Lashing out against the critical thinkers of our society.

So whether or not it was MK ultra, what's important I think is that we don't make associations with this killer and forms of critical thought. If these incidences start happening more and more often, then I think we should investigate the posibility of MK Ultra being involved.

MK ultra or no MK ultra, the way these reptillian fucks think is great. Capitalize on murder. Hopefully loughner at least gets a thank you note

Just a reminder to you all that in order to be President, one must first be a megalomaniac. Thats just the way it works. People bought into obamas image just like they still buy into bushes image
Post Sun Jan 16, 2011 8:55 am
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The best way to control someone is to manipulate their emotions. Just like any abusive relationship (i,e, the one we have with our govn't/media).
Post Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:59 am
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Joshua Kane

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[quote="redball"]I find conspiracy theories really interesting. Not because I believe them, but because others do. I think it's fun to try to figure out how people became so bent as to believe some of this crap. Anyway, because the mild threadjacking in the Twain censorship thread and my friend posted this article, I thought it a good time to discuss our favorites. Maybe someone will even try to defend them.

What's your favorite conspiracy theory? Does it have any merit, or do you like it because it's ridiculous?

My Reply:

Conspiracies conspiracies everywhere, are they real, or merely a function of fear.

How's about the Wellstone conspiracy:

Oh, and btw redball, I utilize the Schumer talk re conspiracies at TED every quarter in class. Solid!
Post Tue Apr 19, 2011 1:15 pm
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Joshua Kane

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Here's another conspiracy for ya all -

The NSA polices SFF religiously ;)

Post Tue Apr 19, 2011 4:26 pm
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I am glad that I got to experience this thread :) Myself, being known as the one who enjoys conspiracy theories........They are all my favorites

I believe in the secrecy of government, not as a conspiracy or a theory but as a fact. I believe in their lies and their experiments. I am open minded to the fact the CIA actually tried to use cats as spies. (Operation Acoustic Kitty), or that the IRS specifically targeted conservative groups. I even believe in the Fast and Furious and Watergate scandals. What I don't believe is the ignorance of people who deny the actual truth of the collective whole just because the stigmata of being a theory.

Upon some quick deep thinking I analyze the following: the bankers, the Federal Reserve, the Rothschilds, the Jews, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, The Committee of 300, The Bildergberg Club, the New World Order, 911, martial law, etc. Isn't it all about those damn bankers? In their stupid secret club? With their demonic puppet game? If anyone pays attention to any conspiracy theories, the heart lies in the above key things. Every conspiracy out there centers on the bankers/rothschilds/jews/illuminati/NWO/committeeof300... Based on their power, their riches, and everything I have read, I think it is highly plausible that the theories aren't just theories but carry some merit.

Which brings me to Syria...................Oh, dear, dear, Syria............this one has me confused. I look daily for new news on the conspiracy on the chemical attacks. I am still conflicted on if it actually happened. (Blasphemy!) Again, this goes back to those damn bankers. Apparently, Syria is one of three countries whom does not have the central bank, has no IMF debt, natural resources, blah blah blah.......

What irks me, IRKS ME, is that Syria is also the cradle of that significant? Maybe or maybe not, but to a bunch of crazy satanic warlords- it could be. Regardless, big shit is going down in Syria. And it doesn't look good. How dare anyone question the idea that the Government would lie to us to get us into a war? (like WW2) The government that answers to............Yes, the bankers. Yes, the Jews. Yes, Israel.

*end of rant
Post Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:34 pm
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what I've heard is the shells were rudimentary and crude probably fired from dumb rockets. By the rebels.

And I agree with the above poster. I'm not a conspiracy theorist. The problem is you will never see it unless at as a whole, which is difficult and time costly, but the evidence is out there buried under tons and tons of misinformation.

I encourage anyone who scoffs at this notion to even believe me to be a liar, but still go dig with an open mind and make you're own mind up... just remember if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck... well you know.

I'd recommend starting at Bill Coopers death. And one more Gem: Journalist Gary Webb for the San Jose Mercury News had published about the CIA's involvement in narco-trafficking on U.S. soil. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the head twice. Let me repeat that: TWICE

And finally one more tool: Before the afpac war opium production was very low. and it now produces 98% of the worlds raw opium. And our military, soldiers of a country so hell bent on the drug war has been there a very long time. Think about how difficult it would be to see a 100,000 hectare of poppies with an apache targeting system, which is capable of engaging from distances of 5 miles. I've even read that prior to afpac the Taliban was attempting to eradicate the poppy.

And then whichever way you're mind is made, read about what our for fathers said.

I'll end with a quote. "If I had 6 hours to chop down a tree I would spend 4 hours sharpening the axe." - Abe Lincoln
Post Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:53 am
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Oh one more thing you can't trust the media. Not the television, magazines. They're all distractions. What is a cellphone you can do anything on? It's a fucking horse blinder.
Post Wed Sep 11, 2013 9:59 am
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Ugh. People get so caught up in their nonsensical conspiracy theories. The human brain wishes to see things in patterns but to deconstruct the intuition leads to something, often, far simpler. The most popular UNPROVEN conspiracy theories simply distract from the reality of occurrences which ultimately hinders progression of our species.
Post Sat Sep 14, 2013 4:42 pm
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