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Sleep & Sage interview each other about their new albums
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Sleep & Sage interview each other about their new albums  Reply with quote  

Sleep's "Oregon Failure" is out now:

Sage's "Copper Gone" drops on June 3rd:

URB has posted a Facebook chat that the fellas had with one another:

SLEEP: List for me the things that every grown man should own.

SAGE: Uhhhhh. Not sure I’m qualified to make a list like that. But in a very literal sense, a grown man should own devices that allow him to cook meals. A place to shower. Really, when I think about a list like this, I often think of things I don’t have. Like…I should have a bed. But if I include it on this list it makes it seem like I’m telling people if they don’t have beds then they aren’t grown up. I do have a car though. You don’t need a car, but a vehicle helps you do a lot of grown up stuff.
How about you? Are there things you don’t have but you think you should?

SLEEP: Yes, I think I should have a beard or at least sideburns! All I have is chin stubble and these boyishly good looks lol! Speaking of looks, I often get compared to Jonah Hill and Joe Pesci.
Are there any celebrities that people say you look like?

SAGE: I’ve never really understood the Jonah Hill comparison (I notice that comment from fans a lot), but I can see that more than Joe Pesci. I apparently look like any large bald person with a beard who has ever existed. Like when Zack Galifianakis shaved his head for Hangover 2.
Whenever I see you, you’re always laughing. I like that. Do you have any favorite comedians?

SLEEP: I’m a huge fan of laughing and love comedy. I still think that Delirious and Raw are the single best stand up performances of all time! Eddie Murphy was brilliant in them! A few years ago at SXSW, I didn’t go to a single musical performance. I just went to comedy shows with DJ Zone. I got to check out Aziz Ansari, Todd Berry, Eugene Merman, and Reggie Watts. It was awesome!
This year at SXSW, I watched you perform songs from your new album and I must say the new material blew me away! It was really powerful stuff! I walked away feeling like this is a very personal album to you. Am I right? Does this record sit a little closer to the heart strings than the others?

SAGE: Well, hmmm. I guess you caught me at the tail-end of an incredibly stressful period. With all the stuff going on in my life and with the album and then, bam, all of a sudden I’m at SXSW bringing it all on stage. I’m glad to hear that you liked it, but I felt lost in the whole mess. It just wasn’t the right time or environment for me to unveil all this shit that’s been coiled up inside of me. Haha. It was important for me to have that experience though because it gave me an idea of what I need to fix before the upcoming tour. The material is vulnerable in a lot of ways, but my goal was to commit to certain moods while letting my writing and delivery accentuate the whole feel. I do leave a lot on the table this time around, and people can walk away with whatever they want to take. It’s the first studio album that I’m debuting on my own label so it’s a huge deal for me. It’s all I’ve been able to think about. Your album is very upbeat and bouncy as hell, which is quite the contrast. It’s YOU. You know? Haha. It properly captures your overall vibe. It’s got those super positive moments but it also shows the struggle. It often seems like your trying to overcome parts of yourself that you think have been holding you back. And that’s a fight everyone can relate to. What do you think makes it different this time around than how it was with “Hesitation Wounds?”

SLEEP: It goes back to that laughing thing again. I was the oldest out of my brother and sister. We grew up not having much. Mom was a single mom and worked a lot just to make ends meet. I was a latch key kid and had to be the man of the house at an early age. I used to make jokes and songs about our situation to make my brother and sister laugh. It was all I knew how to do when they would get sad. It stuck with me and to this day, I’m able to smile and stay positive through the hard times. I just wanted to be my myself on this one, not what I think my fans want me to be. To be honest, there was a lot of self-imposed pressure when making “Hesitation Wounds” because I wanted to deliver to you a great album! I made “Oregon Failure” for the same reasons I made “Christopher.” j?Just because I love to do it and I had the itch! Maulskull’s production also made for an up beat album. It really set the mood right!
What is the meaning behind “Copper Gone?” Is there one song you can single out that best captures the overall theme?

SAGE: “Copper Gone” has a few different meanings, but you can find
those words spray painted on abandoned buildings around where I live.
What do you think your fans want you to be?

SLEEP: I believe they want me to just do me! It took me a long time to understand that.

SAGE: But you said you wanted to just be you and not what you thought your fans wanted you to be. Was that something you changed your mind about, in regard to your fans?

SLEEP: Yeah, man. I used to get in my head about what I wanted to do and what my fans seemed to like. It seemed like the songs I didn’t like as much were the ones everyone liked. I would hear that I rapped too fast by some fans and that I didn’t do enough double time songs from other fans. It left me confused on what my fans actually wanted out of me. I had to step out of that mindset and make music for the same reasons I did when I started in the first place: for fun; because I love it; because that’s when I feel the most like myself! I wasn’t thinking about being graded or how I fit into this or that box when I
made this album I just did me. I think the end result will make my fans happy….(insecurity sets in)…. I hope.. Lol

SAGE: You’re double timing like crazy on this album. It reminded me a bit of how I used to write lyrics in the early 90′s. I was on a major double timing kick and before long, I found it difficult to write anything that wasn’t in double time. Because it would make me feel like I was going too slow.
Do you find yourself ever thinking that when you do songs without double time now? As if you’re going in slow motion? The whole Chip Fu and Tung Twista thing. I couldn’t get enough of it.

SLEEP: Sometimes performing them feels like slow motion but I really dig slowing it down and focusing on tones and inflections rather than patterns and rhythms. I was lucky enough to join you for the west coast leg of the Know More tour. I remember how fast your double time was and how well you were able to perform it live! It is hella fun to do! I went through the same kick with only wanting to rap double time, but like you, I know that there is much more to being a well-rounded emcee than only spitting double time songs! I always try to find the pocket of each beat and approach it accordingly.
It’s been great interviewing you Sage! Can you please tell everyone the name of your album, when it drops and any thoughts you would like to add.

SAGE: Before you leave me, I wanted to pass along some career advice if you really intend on blowing up. “Mexican Kid Raps Fast” YouTube video…think about it. THINK ABOUT IT. Really play up the stereotype too. There’s lots to go on there. Until then, I’ll be looking forward to my official copy of Oregon Failure. My album is called “Copper Gone” and it drops June 3rd. Kisses, hugs, switchblade to your nuts.

SLEEP: Ha ha ha!!!’ That is way too funny que vato!!!!!!
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i still bump Hesitation Wounds on the regular
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