EPIC BEARD MEN “War On Christmas!” Free Download + EBM Gear

EPIC BEARD MEN (the SAGE FRANCIS + B. DOLAN super-duo) are spreading their special brand of cheer this season by declaring “WAR ON CHRISTMAS.”

May this free single help you de-stress and be blessed during these holidays of high-anxiety. The download and song lyrics are available here.

Check out the new merch items below and stay tuned to all EBM social media channels to stay up to date on all the new music and tour dates we’ve got planned for 2018!

Brand new EBM gear is available at SFRstore!

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Noah Millheim says

I love both of you guys as individual rappers so I cant wait to hear what you sound like together.

Sam says

UI swear to God if I don't get a cheese log for joining this list....