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sageSage Francis is widely considered one of our generation’s greatest lyricists. His career derives mainly from gifted wordplay which creates vivid narratives to instigate as well as inspire, but since it often derives from an accumulation of public disdain and personal turmoil, it’s more about storming the castle than about watching the throne.

Dubbed as the “forefather of indie-hop,” Francis originally earned acclaim in the early 2000’s by winning the most highly coveted titles of the emcee battle circuit. With little to no funding, Francis sustained himself by selling his innovative “Sick of” mixtapes, all made by hand on the floor of his Providence, RI apartment. These were essentially bootleg compilations full of select recordings from his 12” vinyl singles, demo sessions, live performances and radio freestyles. The popularity of these tapes birthed Strange Famous Records (SFR); a meager, one-man operation in 1999.

Despite having no official distribution, Francis’ unique brand of music spread like wildfire via the advent of file sharing networks. This resulted in him attaining a massive cult-like following around the world, creating a demand for his albums and live performances at which point the bigger labels took notice. With his first studio album, Personal Journals (2002,) Francis daringly set aside the more boastful side of rap by catering to his poetic leanings and scathing socio-political commentary.

In 2005 Sage Francis was the first hip-hop artist signed to Epitaph Records and soon became one of the highest selling independent artists of his genre. Rather than abandon his day-to-day grind at SFR, he channeled all of his newfound resources into it, allowing the label to expand in staff as well as roster. Having fulfilled his contract obligations with Epitaph Records, Sage Francis has returned to releasing music independently as he gears up to defeat the odds. Once again.

“COPPER GONE”, Francis’ 6th studio album, dropped on June 3rd, 2014 via Strange Famous Records. This indie release managed to break Billboard’s Top 200 as well as iTunes top 5 for hip-hop in both the US and in the UK. In 2016 Sage Francis was granted an honorary patronage by the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland for his contributions to literature. Francis continues to tour internationally and is developing a new group project with B. Dolan called EPIC BEARD MEN, slated for a 2018 release.


Sage Francis
Upcoming Events


Adalento, CA

Venue: Adelanto Stadium Tickets
Show: 3:00pm Cost: $75.00


Berkeley, CA

Venue: 924 Gilman St Tickets
Show: 8:00pm


Pawtucket, RI

Venue: The Met Tickets
Show: 8:00pm

Sage Francis with Jesse the Tree, BlackLiq, and Mopes (p/k/a Prolyphic.)
We will be having a “Strange Famous Flea Market” of sorts where we’ll be selling a lot of random items that have been hanging around the office space for ages.


Denver, CO

Doors: 5:00pm Show: 5:00pm

Levitt Pavilion in Denver, CO http://www.levittdenver.org/

Cost: Free!
3:30pm: VIP doors

4:00pm: General Admission doors

5:00pm: show start

10:00: show end/curfew

SAGE FRANCIS returns to the stage in 2023 after a three year break from performing, making Denver, CO the home of the very first “STRANGE FAMOUS FEST,” an annual festival of Strange Famous Records artists and friends of the independent hip-hop scene.  This will be a five hour event consisting of performances by Wheelchair Sports Camp, Metermaids, Sleep of Oldominion, Mopes, Jesse the Tree, BlackLiq, Cas One, Seez Mics, Jivin Scientists, Early Adopted, DJ Zole, and headlined with an hour-long set by the label owner himself. Beyond all the emceeing (including spoken word,) expect special guest appearances, positive interactions, and an overall good vibe amongst this DIY crew of wickedly strange talent.

and special guests!


Portland, ME

Venue: Tickets
Show: 8:00pm


Portland, ME

Venue: Sun Tiki Studios Tickets
Show: 8:00pm

Sage Francis, Jesse the Tree, and Myles Bullen.


Cookeville, TN

Venue: Tickets
Show: 7:00am



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